You're an expert in your own business. You expect the same from us.At Garrett Mine Supply we have more 30 years of experience in the industrial supply market.Our staff knows the difference between a corrugated tank truck hose and a ribbed discharge hose.We work closely with the oil and gas, chemical, timber, and other industries so we know what our customers need---experience and reputable hands-on knowledge.

Oil and Gas Industry

We proudly serve the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachian regions currently experiencing the shale gas boom. Everything from safety-specific equipment, hoses, valves and piping can be found at Garrett, and even secondary needs like tools and construction products can help to keep an oil/gas drilling operation up and running.

Mining Industry

The Mining industry has been a staple of Garrett's services since its inception. Nearly all products available through Garrett have some form of application within a working mine. From hard hats to hand tools and everything in between, Garrett will keep you ahead of the game while you're underground.

Timber Industry

The Timber Industry is one of the region's oldest and most well-known industries, and Garrett keeps the industry supplied with the best products available. Whether you need wire rope, chains, hand tools, power tools or other timber supplies, you can count on Garrett. Contact Us Today to learn more.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, safety plays a major role, and with the top brands at unbeatable prices, Garrett's safety equipment will prevent injuries and facilitate the safest construction sites around. In fact, we are so dedicated to construction, we offer a full line of construction supplies to fit the entire industry.

Landscaping Industry

Hoses are a landscaper's best friend, and Garrett has a full line of hoses from industry-leading brands for any size landscaping job -- from the largest, industrial-scale projects to small commercial and residential use, our heavy duty hoses will suit any need!